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Our purpose is to promote interest, improve public involvement and increase the knowledge of veterinarians, vet students, and pre-vet students in the field of shelter medicine. With the help of local shelters, animal controls, and rescue groups, we hope to increase awareness of the homeless animal population and the role we as future veterinarians can play to improve animal welfare. Whether veterinarians are working in private practice or directly in a shelter/animal control, they can make a huge impact in the lives of animals and humans alike by offering resources and knowledge to aid in the reduction of unnecessary relinquishment, abandonment and euthanasia of companion animals.

Please list your principal activities, events, or programs.

We plan to increase the knowledge of veterinarians and vet students in the field of shelter medicine and animal welfare. We hope to increase student awareness of the various roles veterinarians play in animal welfare organizations such as protecting animals' health, relieving the suffering of animals, and promoting public health. We hope to raise public awareness of issues pertaining to homeless animals and pet overpopulation. We plan to cooperate with local shelters to help evaluate standards of shelter medicine. We will invite speakers to educate on what shelter medicine entails and how we can improve this area of veterinary medicine.

How do your activities benefit the University community?

The activities we plan to do and the speakers we plan to invite will be educational to the students of the university as well as to the public. We will show that the College of Veterinary Medicine is concerned about these issues and that we are taking action to help improve the situation that many animals live in.

How can someone get involved with your group? For example, do you have a consistent meeting time, location? Do they need to fill out a membership application? Who should they contact for more information?

To get involved with the group, please contact the officers at: cvmsheltermedicine@gmail.com

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