Parent Organization: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Please list your principal activities, events, or programs.

Our activities include but are not limited to professional and social networking events, firm and site tours, design competition entries and philanthropy projects. Past projects and events include involvement with Tatum Park's Community Garden, YMCA's Camp Streefland, 6th Annual Silent Art Auction: Art After Dark, and Station 19 Architects. Please visit our website or Facebook page to find out more about our past and upcoming events and projects.

How do your activities benefit the University community?

Our group provides a multidisciplinary forum of collaboration between different majors within the College of Design and University of Minnesota at large.

How can someone get involved with your group? For example, do you have a consistent meeting time, location? Do they need to fill out a membership application? Who should they contact for more information?

To get involved with our group, please visit our website at www.apxmn.com, contact us via email at apx@umn.edu, or come to one of our weekly meetings. You can find our meeting times and locations listed on our website and Facebook page.

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