Parent Organization: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

We are an environmental student club dedicated to promoting sustainable solutions and projects in the Twin Cities. We are especially focused on the West Bank Community Garden, where both students and outside community members grow local, fresh foods.

Please list your principal activities, events, or programs.

We work on a variety of initiatives including food, land, energy, and waste issues. We have recently started the West Bank Community Garden through a University Program: Living, Learning, Laboratory and are mostly focusing on continuing this success. We use monthly meetings to organize our initiatives, brainstorm creative solutions, and network with Twin Cities organizations.

How do your activities benefit the University community?

We have benefited the university by using university land engage students in the process of growing food and pollinator habitat. This ultimately has grown a large network of over one hundred Cedar Riverside residents, students, staff and faculty to become familiar with one another and talk inside and outside a professional setting. We periodically host events that help raise awareness about ways people can help the environment, and the West Bank Community Garden has been a great way for students and outside community members to get involved with growing their own food locally and organically.

How can someone get involved with your group? For example, do you have a consistent meeting time, location? Do they need to fill out a membership application? Who should they contact for more information?

Our group on an as-needed basis at the West Bank Community Garden (this is on the West Bank near Carlson School of Management). If anyone is interested in becoming apart of our group, they can contact us at sfors@umn.edu. There is no application to be a part of our group and students who are new to sustainability, those that are familiar, and those that want to take on a project of their own are all welcome to join.

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