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We represent all graduate students (non-professional students) at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Our work concentrates on three areas: (1) Social Programming. We host between 2000 and 4000 students every year at our events, ranging for Grad Student Welcome Week to Appreciation Week, as well as interdisciplinary academic programming, happy hours, bowling nights, and movie screenings. (2) Grant Funding. We offer up to $1200 for conference travel for researchers, up to $250 for professionalization workshops, up to $600 for academic and social programming for graduate students. (3) Advocacy. We were the group that got grad students standardized healthcare plans. We ensured that the installment and late fees for grad assistants were waived. We ensured a freeze on non-tuition fees for graduate students. We helped found the first international graduate student organization in the Big 10. We're working toward greater fee relief, a more diverse and equitable graduate student population, better advising practices for graduate students, and clear expectations for teaching and research assistants.

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We represent all graduate students (non-professional students) at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

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We are a formal avenue for graduate students to express their views to the University administration and greater community. We offer travel grants to help graduate students spread their work. We also plan social events.

How can someone get involved with your group? For example, do you have a consistent meeting time, location? Do they need to fill out a membership application? Who should they contact for more information?

Any graduate student can attend our general assembly meetings. If your program doesn't have a rep, become one and make your voice heard. We also have committees which we encourage you to apply to. See our website for more information.

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