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The Pre-Vet Club's purpose is to instill the utmost knowledge in future veterinarians through the use of speakers, study groups, group discussions, hands-on experience and social events.

Please list your principal activities, events, or programs.

Some activities that have been done in the past include but are not limited to: dog washes, horseback riding, snow tubing, overnights at the Wildlife Science Center, visits to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, visits to zoos, attending symposium for the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association, sleigh ride, and volunteering at the Horse Expo. We try to have a speaker for every meeting. We also do hands-on veterinary related labs.

How do your activities benefit the University community?

Pre-Vet Club is more than happy to communicate to the community and answer pet related questions. Meetings and activities are open to anyone interested in animals and/or veterinary medicine.

How can someone get involved with your group? For example, do you have a consistent meeting time, location? Do they need to fill out a membership application? Who should they contact for more information?

If interested in joining PVC e-mail the club at pvc@umn.edu. One of the officers will contact you to let you know when our next meeting is and what our upcoming activities will be. Our meetings are typically the third Tuesday of every month in Ruttan B45.

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