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7Days A Cappella

As the oldest a cappella group on campus, 7Days A Cappella has a history of strong music quality, performance abilities, and campus presence. Our group performs at concerts, ICCAs, high schools, and other events in Minnesota. Check us out for more info!

AAPS Student Chapter at the University of Minnesota

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Aardvark Arts

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AB Kilombo Capoeira

We are an all-inclusive, afro-centric Capoeira Club dedicated to the practice of Bahian Capoeira as taught by Mestre Yoji Senna of the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Association - ABCapoeira Senavox USA.

Acacia International Fraternity Kaph Chapter (Acacia)

We are C.O.U.N.C.I.L ("Constructing Our University into a Notable Community In Leadership"). Our mission is to positively impact our local community while fostering personal and group development through service, social, and professional events.

ACC: The Best in Student Housing

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ACPG at the University of Minnesota

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Active Minds at the University Of Minnesota

Active Minds aims to raise awareness, promote support, and remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues on campus through education, advocacy, and open communication.