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Acts 2 Fellowship (A2F)

Acts 2 Fellowship is a Christian student group at the U of M, Twin Cities. We meet together to consider important questions in life and how the Bible answers them, grow in our relationships with God, and build strong friendships as we live life together.

Actuary Club at the University of Minnesota

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Adaptive Sports Club

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Advanced Professional Degree Consulting Club

The Advanced Professional Degree Consulting Club (APDCC) provides a forum for graduate students to learn about consulting as a career option.

Advancing Urban Health Equity (AUHE)

The mission of our group is to advance urban health equity. We plan to host lunch lectures dealing with health equity research, learn more about residency programs and job opportunities with an urban health equity focus.

Advertising Club University of Minnesota (AdClub)

Ad Club is a student organization dedicated to educating students about the advertising, marketing, and communication industries. We accomplish this by hosting guest speakers, attending agency tours, conducting resume reviews, and more.


ADworld is a group composed of people who are passionate about the field of marketing and advertising

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga uses a soft fabric hammock that is suspended at waist height. It combines traditional yoga poses, pilates, and dance to create a fun and unique full-body workout.

African Student Association

African Student Association (ASA) at the university of Minnesota mission is to create a place where, Africans and non-africans students come together to discuss different issues concerning Africans at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and beyond.

Afterhours Society

Afterhours Society aims to create an environment where students from various backgrounds can come together and bake a variety of treats and pastries.