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Ball Is Life

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Bangladeshi Student Association (BDSA)

To arrange Bangladeshi cultural programs and provide local foods during the Bengali new year, International mother language day and other historically important days, and provide new Bangladeshi students counsel and advice for new life in Minnesota

Bass Fishing Team

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Basses Wild

Our mission is to make great A Capella music, and have fun doing so!

Be The Match on Campus (BTMOC)

Be The Match On Campus works to raise awareness about the importance of life saving bone marrow transplants for patients with blood cancers. We do this through holding bone marrow donation drives throughout the school year.

Beautiful Brains

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Beauty Gurus at the U (UMNBeauty)

Makeup #queens, beauty enthusiasts, and beginners in makeup and friends are welcome alike to our student organization all about beauty. We are all about products, techniques and trends! Follow us on Insta - @umnbeauty #beautygurusattheu

Behavioral and Applied Economics Club

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Believers Loveworld

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