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FAB: Fashion & Business

FAB: Fashion & Business is a pre-professional student organization linking students of all majors with a casual or professional interest in fashion to professionals and opportunities within the industry.

FACE AIDS - Twin Cities

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Falun Gong Twin Cities Club (Falun Dafa)

Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) is an advanced cultivation system of mind, body and spirit based on ancient wisdom. We are here to teach students the practice; and we are also advocate for the rights of practitioners all across the globe.

Family History Club

We seek dead people

Family Medicine Interest Group

The mission of the family medicine interest group (FMIG) is to educate and promote the function and practice of family practice providers to medical students.

Fantasy Football Consulting Club

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Builders of Men.

Federal Bar Association, UMN Law Division (FBA)

This student group works with the state and national chapters of the Federal Bar Association to promote interaction and learning between law students and federal judges and lawyers.

Federalist Society

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