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Program Board (PB)

The student-run Program Board hosts a variety of events throughout the academic year - everything from art galleries to Spring Jamâ„¢, hypnotists to homecoming.

Student Activities Office (SAO)

The Student Activities Office is home to student group registration, events, resources, and advisor support in addition to the SUA Program Board who is responsible for planning and implementing campus-wide events and activities such as Homecoming.

7Days A Cappella

As the oldest a cappella group on campus, 7Days A Cappella has a history of strong music quality, performance abilities, and campus presence. Our group performs at concerts, ICCAs, high schools, and other events in Minnesota. Check us out for more info!

AIAS Freedom By Design

serving the community through design and innovation

AIGA Student Group

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Amateur Art Club (AAC)

We meet every Monday and Wednesday night from 7-9 in Appleby 223. The University of Minnesota Amateur Art Club provides a creative outlet for students to express themselves through the form of art of all kinds.

Argentine Tango Club, U-Tango

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Art for Birds

Art for Birds is dedicated to preventing bird collisions on campus since windows present high risk areas for bird injury/death. The club aims to install artwork on glass for bird safety during migration times as well as host bird conservation events.

Art History Undergraduate Association

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Asian Pop Culture Association (APCA)

The Asian Pop Culture Association is a student-led organization focusing on exploring different pop cultures (including, but not limited to music, movies, shows, fashion, dance, and other media) from Asian cultures and influences.

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