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Mafia Club, Minnesota (MAFIA)

We are a student group devoted to the party game of Mafia at the University of Minnesota, providing both experienced individuals and new players with a fun, organized environment to play both casual and competitive social games.

Magic: The Gathering Club

We are a student group devoted to the Magic: The Gathering community here at the University of Minnesota. We provide players with an environment in which to play, experience, and enjoy the game among others who share their passion for the game.

Malaysian Student Association (PERSISMA)

Uniting and protecting the welfare of Malaysian students at the University of Minnesota in areas related to students' academic achievement and communication skills in addition to interacting with each other on a regular basis

Manga Anime Society (MAS)

An open and inviting environment for the sharing of Japanese animation and related topics! Activities include weekly viewings of anime shows and monthly social events.

Maranatha Christian Fellowship (MCF)

To inform the University students of the truth of Jesus Christ and bring them into a relationship with Him.

Marine Biology Club

A way for students with similar interests; relating to marine biology and conservation, to come together and discuss fundraiser opportunities and plan marine biology related outings. One major outing is our outreach program with the traveling touch tank.

Material Advantage

We are a professional student group for undergraduates pursuing degrees in Materials Science and Engineering. Our mission is to prepare students beyond the classroom and promote the growing field of material science and engineering.

Materials Research Society (MRS)

The Materials Research Society student chapter provides a community for graduate students affiliated with the national MRS, scheduling and hosting professional development and career-building events.

Meals for Minneapolis

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Media Law Society at UMN Law

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