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Program Board (PB)

The student-run Program Board hosts a variety of events throughout the academic year - everything from art galleries to Spring Jamâ„¢, hypnotists to homecoming.

Paintball Club

The aim of the Paintball Club is to provide resources and organize events for both the new, recreational, and experienced paintball player. We regularly schedule events such as woodsball, speedball, and even Big games. Keep updated on our Facebook page.

Pakistani Students Association at the University of Minnesota

PSA-UMN is a cultural group that strives to foster a better understanding between Pakistanis and other nationalities at The University of Minnesota and the Community. It also seeks to increase interest and awareness of Pakistan among The University of Mi

Parents Weekend Committee

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Partners in Community Health

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Partners in Health ENGAGE

Building the Right to Health Movement

Part-Time MBA Leadership Advisory Board

The Mission of the Part-Time MBA Leadership Advisory Board is to amplify Carlson Student voice and maximize the student experience

Pay It Forward

To raise endowments for the Michelle Mentzer Memorial fund through the annual Pharmacy Gala.

Peace Corps Ambassadors

Peace Corps Ambassadors is a student group for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, students interested in applying to Peace Corps, and students interested in learning and sharing about cultures around the world.

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