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Radio K - KUOM

Radio K is the University of Minnesota's award-winning, completely student-run radio station! We offer opportunities in the broadcasting, live music, on-air production, podcasting, video, design, and marketing industries, among others.

Railroad Club at the University of Minnesota (Railroad Club)

The Railroad Club brings together students interested in various aspects of railroading from modeling, current and past operations, freight and passenger operations, railroad history, and rail transit. We operate a model railroad in Magrath B50.

Raquetball Club

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Real Estate Investment Group- UMN

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Recreation & Leisure Club

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Recreational Mathematics Club

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Recycling Club

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Red Cross Club (RCC)

The Red Cross Club is dedicated to organizing student led blood drives on campus while encouraging students, staff, and faculty to donate.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Reaching Students for Christ, Equipping Students to Serve

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