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Table Tennis

University of Minnesota Table Tennis Club aims to connect students and the faculty on and around the campus through table tennis.

Taiwan Student Association

Our primary goal is to serve and help Taiwan students at the University of Minnesota as well as the Twin Cities area. We also strive to promote Taiwanese culture as well as to enhance culture diversity in Minnesota.

Taiwanese Student Society (TSS)

Taiwanese Student Society (TSS) is a student group on campus that serves both undergraduate and graduate student population from Taiwan and/or of Taiwanese ancestry. Our main goal is to provide assistance for and to hold traditional events for Taiwanese.

TandemPlus Student Association

TandemPlus Student Association is a group that provides the opportunity to improve second language skills while also gaining a cultural insight. It is a free and voluntary program that helps get people in touch with native speakers.

Tau Beta Pi

We are a nationally affiliated engineering honor society focused on academic excellence, public service, and social activities.

Tau Beta Sigma (TBS)

Serving the School of Music and neighboring communities' music programs.

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)

Tau Kappa Epsilon is men's social fraternity dedicated to creating better men for a better world.

Tau Sigma Military Dental Club

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