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Wake, The

The Wake is a biweekly magazine that covers local news, opinions, and arts and entertainment. We are completely student run, and we do not require any experience to join. Pick up an issue or check out a meeting--we'd love to have you!

Wakeboard/Waterski Club

Providing the opportunity for students to get out on the water.

WAM Collective

WAM Collective is the official student group of the Weisman Art Museum. WAM Collective plans for student by student programs to facilitate student access to and ownership of the museum.

Water Resources Students in Action (WRSIA)

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We Are... Minnesota (WAM)

The mission for this student group aims to promote positive school spirit for the University of Minnesota. We would like to establish programs that will welcome visiting opponents, alumni, students, and fans.

Wellbeing Committee

Medical student-led group dedicated to creating enthusiasm and opportunites in our community for wellness and wellbeing

Wesley Foundation

Progressive religiously affiliated student group, focusing on service, social justice, and community.

West Bank Brewing Association (WBBA)

The West Bank Brewing Association's mission is to promote responsible beer culture; educate and inform our membership about beer appreciation, beer styles, beer policy and legislation, and the brewing process on a small scale

West Bank Community Garden / Students for Sustainability (WBCG and SforS)

We are an environmental student club dedicated to promoting sustainable solutions and projects in the Twin Cities. We are especially focused on the West Bank Community Garden, where both students and outside community members grow local, fresh foods.

West Coast Swing Club

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